As an areal stunt pilot you're no stranger to danger. But you must have skipped that second cup of coffee this morning because you forgot to fill up on gas before today's show. Go easy on the throttle and maybe you can make it through the hoops without crashing and ruining the spectators' day. They did pay to see this after all.

Flappy Fish likes adventure and there's nothing more adventurous than swimming through deadly sea pipes. Help Flappy navigate the waters and make it home in one piece.

Swimmy needed to get out of the house for bit. Boss nagging, kids yelling, it was all too much. He just needed some peace and quiet. Unfortunately, in his haste to escape the harsh realities of life, he got turned around and ended up on the wrong side of town. Now he has to navigate past those nasty ocean pipes to return home. Enjoy this relaxing, stress free game as you kick back in your favorite cozy chair.

Move the ball through the maze using simple touch controls on your tablet. With 100 pre-defined mazes so you can compete with your friends and others around the world, and an unlimited number of random mazes, Super Maze Runner Deluxe will have you coming back for more time and time again.

The sea is a dangerous place. Offshore drilling has left the ocean floor littered with pipes. As a submarine captain it's up to you to pilot the sub to safety and save your crew, a difficult task under normal conditions, but with a broken propeller...