Cu Cat is having a day, the house is infected with all kinds of scary spiders and roaches! You can help save Cu Cat from heart and health problems and reduce his stress levels by exterminating these ferocious bugs.

Cu Cat (the world's cutest kitten) has got himself stuck in a fish factory full of lovely fish, but also some horrible stinky ones. Can you help keep him fed of lovely yummy fish and avoid letting him touch the stinky ones? How many fish can you feed him?

Cu Cat has fallen into the conveyor belt that delivers fish throughout the Fish Factory! Help her run along the belts avoiding the stinky fish while eating the tasty ones! How long can you keep her running?

It's been a tough six years, but President Obama only has two more to go and he's made it. However there are lots of problems, issues and obstacles that he's got to navigate in order to make it through. Can you help him fly through all the things that are trying to stop him? Love him or hate him, have fun with this parody of a famous game using a famous President. Enjoy some of the best sound bites from the State of the Union addresses as you navigate through the halls of the Capitol building. Can you get all they way back to the White House?

Remember those millions and millions of flapping birds? Ever wonder where they all came from? Well here it is. We've found the source of all those birds and we've sent a sniper to finish them off before they can infest our mobile devices and drive us all insane. It's up to you to stop these flapping birds from escaping and wrecking their havoc on the rest of us!

Try out your shooting skills in this junk yard free for all. See how many bottles you can shoot as they get tossed in front of you. Watch them explode in 3D detail when you hit them. Shoot the bonus stars for extra ammo! How many bottles can you hit?